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To all my followers who likes of GAME OF THRONES:

Want some pics from the Got Exbition?


#100happy days.

Day 2. Did my first book review.

Fiz minh primeira resenha e me sai bem!

Day 3. Spent my day with my cute neko-chan

Passei o dia brincando com minha gatinha.



Here they are: Linnéa, Vanessa, Anna-Karin, Rebecka, Minoo & Ida!

They’re amazing actresses. I really can’t praise them enough.

Shooting starts today, 28 March 2014. The Swedish movie premiere is on 18 February 2015.

The rest of the cast will be revealed later on.

Here is the IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2122313/


#100HappyDays challenge.

Day 1: This book made me smile like a retard.This guy is a genious!

Este livro me fez sorrir como uma idiota.Ele é um genio!